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Subomi Owo-Odusi has launched Resolve.NG, a Start-Up whose focus is to resolve disputes and issues especially as it concerns delivery of services in Nigeria. Resolve.Ng exists to help consumers get what they deserve from businesses. All that consumers need to do is to visit the website to register complaints and the organisations involved.

The Founder of Resolve.Ng said in a statement that, “we are changing the tone of the conversation, making sure customer service is taken a lot more seriously in today’s society. Every day, I see more than one complaint about customer service somewhere in Nigeria and it goes to say that we sincerely have a problem and it must be tackled,” He also said,

“That’s why we are here, to get it resolved. It won’t always be smooth sailing but you must go ahead and #startsomething. Take the bull by the horn!” isn’t all about the customers alone. Its “Resolve For Business” service helps businesses handle customer service issues professionally. Because one unhappy customer can in one day ruin a 10-year old business! has earned recognitions from some Nigerians and the Consumer Protection Council; Nigeria’s agency responsible for protecting consumers against companies.

The Council in a tweet on 24 March 2017, said that “CPC appreciates innovations like and wishes the platform great success.” is available worldwide but the focus countries are Nigeria and Ghana.







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