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NIMET’s boss predict bountiful harvest in 2017

Prof. Clement Akoshile, the President of Nigeria Meteorological Society (NMetS) has said that there will be bountiful harvest in 2017 should the current weather continued for a long time. He stated this while discussing with journalists in Lagos.

“We have just moved from the harmattan period, when there is much dust in the atmosphere, to rainy season.

“Now, the rain is not being disturbed by cloud or the sunshine in the morning is a sign that the sun ray is not being disturbed by cloud or dirty atmosphere. Now the rain has washed away the dust, making the air cleaner.”

“The plants are happy as the processes of photosynthesis take place unhindered, and the soil is enriched with nutrients,” Akoshile said.

He also advised farmers not to be worried about the current weather of longer days and shorter nights, early sun, noting the weather was normal and good for farming.


Solomon Obende
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