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Nigerian develops App on human rights

The need to stop the phobia many Nigerians have, of law enforcement officials has motivated a human rights and international law expert to create an App known as #KnowYourRightsNigeria; developed in English and Pidgin language to leverage the growth of mobile technology in the country.

The app developer, Adeola Oyinola who is also a UN Peace Ambassador said the app is meant to raise awareness about human rights issues, as well as provide users with access to pro bono legal services.

“Nigerians fear any form of contact with law enforcement Agents. This is largely borne out of ignorance of their rights under the law which had been exploited. This also has a nexus to Nigeria’s military rule experience spanning over three decades where massive abuse of rights such as illegal detention without trial, execution of accused persons without exhausting judicial remedies, trials without respect for fair hearing, abuse of rights to life, religion, information, privacy, liberty, movement, assembly, among others were recorded,” said Oyinola.

He added: “KnowYourRightsNigeria App is about the mere pushing of a button in our palms to access the scope of our rights, constitutional safeguard and get lawyers to respond to our plight free of charge.”

Solomon Obende
Solomon Obende is a graduate of Public Administration from the prestigious Ambrose Alli University who is passionate about communications for development. He is proficient in crafting effective social media strategies. He listens to Jimmy Cliff's songs daily.

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