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Meet U.S. First Black Female Governorship Nominee

Former State House minority leader, Stacey Abrams on Tuesday made history as U.S. voters chose her to be the first black woman to be nominated for state governor in Georgia’s Democratic primary.

The Guardian reports that Abrams earned support from both former presidential aspirants Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders as she beat Stacey Evans, also a former state representative.

The result was among the most consequential in a series of primaries that brought successes for female candidates across the country ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

Abrams will attempt to make history as both America’s first black female governor and the first woman to hold the position in Georgia. The Republican primary, which was largely contested among a group of white men, looked headed for a run-off as neither of the candidates secured a majority of the vote.

Abrams’s victory came hours after Amy McGrath, a retired Marine fighter pilot, defeated the Democratic party’s establishment candidate in the primary race for a House seat in Kentucky.

Source: The Guardian


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