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Lagos will resist any coup attempt – Tinubu warns

Bola Tinubu, a national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has warned the military against any coup attempt.

Tinubu said this on Monday while addressing the Lagos state house of assembly as part of activities to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lagos State.

Recall that the chief of army staff Tukur Buratai had recently warned soldiers who planned to stage a coup to overthrow President Muhammadu Buhari’s government.

Tinubu’s words: “I will like to sound a caution to us all the precious thing we have – democracy that we are now trying to perfect is not guaranteed to us. We must sweat hard yet think wisely if we are to keep it. There will always be some people who want to undermine democracy. These people gain more from the government in the dark.

“Just a few days ago, we had a warning that some people were trying to entice the military out of the barracks. I say don’t try it. I want to add my voice to that warning. Those who think they can break the democracy so many of us laboured and for which too many people died, sacrificed their lives, they are sure mistaken.

“Nigeria has come too far for such a thing to happen. Those people behind such idea will find no fertile ground to plant their seed in Lagos. We will not buy their bad product; whatever they want to sell is a bad product and we are going to reject it.

“We tell them, move away from here because Lagos State will resist it, Lagos State is saying move away from it, don’t think about it, we are all staying together to grow our democracy.”

“We will not buy it. Lagos will resist it. Nigeria is hard to be broken. Many died to get this democracy and those who intend to break it are mistaken. Nigerians will not buy a coup now.”


Solomon Obende
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