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Former Obasanjo’s aide is set to marry

Mr. Atom Lim, a former assistant to Nigeria’s ex-president. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo is about to get married to Ms. Ashidoon Aondoakaa, an ICT Consultant. They couple who got engaged about a month ago posted the notice and their pre-wedding pictures on Facebook yesterday.

Their traditional wedding will hold at Ute in Vandeikya Local Government Area, Benue State on 10 June 2017.

See some pre-wedding pictures.

Ashidoon Aondoakaa

Excerpt of Lim’s post on the day he engaged Miss. Aondoakaa 

“Some nine years ago while still working at Next, I formed a habit of changing my relationship status just to amuse myself and others. One day I was Single, then the next I was Divorced, then Married, then Widowed, then Complicated in quick succession. I enjoyed the attention and comments such changes brought when my followers were notified of them. Then I woke someday and realised how boring it had become, and how old I had grown while fooling around. I ended the foolishness.

So yesterday for the first time in five or so years I went looking for that relationship status again just to tell everyone that I am now truly Engaged to Ashidoon Aondo-akaa and, as God pleases,  we will be married come June.

You see, this is a big decision for me. But it’s my most important yet. It is also my most confident yet. In my years of adulthood, I have met and dated very amazing women. Some have loved me truly and honestly. Others have tried to love me but have found me undeserving of their love. Others I have loved and found them undeserving of a lifelong commitment despite my genuine affection for and attraction to them.

You see, I have found out that there is attraction, there is affection, then there is love and marriage. These things sometimes work together. Other times they don’t. And when they don’t, it doesn’t matter how much affection you feel for someone, you just can’t marry them. It doesn’t matter how badly you want or need to marry someone, you just don’t love them enough to. When you are in such a position where you love but can’t marry or marry but can’t love, you are often left misunderstood. Yet sometimes you love and marry the strangest people like Ashi has agreed to do. This too is life.

So it seems that the best, most exciting, most challenging, most focused years of my life are about to begin with the woman who just loves to love and laugh and fight and cook and work and earn and help and mother and gist and live,” Lim wrote.


Solomon Obende
Solomon Obende is a graduate of Public Administration from the prestigious Ambrose Alli University who is passionate about communications for development. He is proficient in crafting effective social media strategies. He listens to Jimmy Cliff's songs daily.

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