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Edo is set to permanently solve traffic management issues

The Edo State Government has expressed concern over the “self-induced chaotic traffic situation” in the state’s metropolis, partly caused by streethawking and it will use sustainable means to solve this problem.

Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Mr. John Mayaki said: “the government is not unaware of complaints made and issues raised via the social media concerning the state of Traffic Management in the State and challenges experienced in commuting within the state”.

On the issue of heavy traffic in the state, we spend time in detail to understand every issue before we proffer solutions to such issues. So, we have deliberated on the cause of traffic problems in the state.

The spokesman, said that there was an increase in the volume of economic activities, especially in Benin City, which has led to increase in traffic, movement, and settlement, adding that some of the identified issues were illegal trading on the streets, reckless driving by commercial drivers and bad roads.

Mayaki also said:

“This administration is a progressive one and we have made plans to repair the roads in the state. This will ease the tension on traffic in the inner roads connecting to the major roads to an extent, and we will ensure that every driver obeys the traffic laws.

“The government has hired an expert with immense experience in traffic management, and he will head the Edo State Traffic Management Agency. He has resumed work, and in a fortnight, the structure we are designing will manifest in traffic management across the city.

“Our administration is not aiming to provide ad hoc solutions to the problem; we aim to fix traffic management permanently and on a sustainable basis.

“250 young men and women are being trained and once their training is complete, we will deploy them to manage and help regulate traffic in the state.

“Once more, this government appreciates the feedback and we want to assure you, the good people of Edo State, that we are taking every step possible to fix the problems in the state and make life easier”, he explained.

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