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Chinese company sells fresh air

A  Chinese company is making money from selling fresh air bottled in cans, in a forest, located in western China. The price of a can is 48 Yuan, ($6.95) and Shaanxi media reported that a can lasts for two minutes.

The product is known as Qinling Forest Oxygen-Enriched Air. The sales manager of the firm, Sanqin Forest Industry, Zhai Wenjun, said: “we set up a factory in Nindong Forest park and compress air directly into the bottle, consumers will feel like they are breathing in the forest.”

Shaanxi media reported that the firm makes many sales despite much criticism from China’s own version of Twitter – Weibo.

The sales manager of the company who declined to show sales information to Reuters, advised customers thus; “as the price is a bit high, we suggest customers use it little by little.”


Solomon Obende
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