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Zamfara: How we will end insecurity – Muttawalle

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The incoming governor of Zamfara, Hon. Bello Muhammad Mattawalle, of the Peoples Democratic Part (PDP) has assured that security is one of his paramount areas to be tackled by his government to turn the current state of penury into Eldorado, Daily Post reports.

In a telephone interview with DAILY POST, Mattawalle noted that commerce in the state has totally collapsed in the state, saying that no responsible government can treat the issue of security with a mere wave of hand, lamenting that the issue of insecurity has been troubling the state since 2011.

He said that now was the time to end mayhems and terror attacks of innocent citizens in the state.

According to him, no society in the world can survive without peace, maintaining that such is the fundamental unit of every economic, social and infrastructural development in any given society.

He noted that most of the heinous crimes were being committed by youths who have no means of livelihood and are frustrated because they cannot maintain themselves, neither can they maintain their families, which he said was a serious crime as far as democracy was concerned.

When asked how he could handle the issue of insecurity in the state, the incoming governor maintained that most of the youths in the state have already been disconnected from the entire system, noting that ”no society can strive when the youths are hopeless and disconnected from the entire system.”

“As it is now, the youths do not even know their roles in a developing nation like ours. We have been wondering in an empty desert searching for a relievable formula to free the state from the cloches of insecurity, even though the state is blessed with abundant solid mineral resources.

According to him, he was the chairman, committee on public safety and security in the lower chamber of the National Assembly, saying that he would use all the experiences he had gathered as the chairman of the committee to address the security challenges in the state.

He noted that the issue of shutting down the state’s skills acquisition programs contributed a lot to insecurity situation, making the state a colony of armed banditry in the whole federation, pointing out that the issues of security cannot be settled until the youths are connected to the system in the state and in the country as a whole.

“I will incorporate the youths into my cabinet to balance the equation so that there will be no eyebrow in the state,” he stressed.

Hon. Mutawalle explained that he would form a government of unity especially with the G8 group who made it possible for him to become the next governor of the state, urging the armed bandits and notorious kidnappers to surrender their guns and ammunition to the security agencies in the state as he said he has very formidable plans for the youths.


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