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The Presidency describes the PDP’s recent actions as “militant”.

President Muhammadu Buhari’s spokesperson, Garba Shehu, has accused the PDP, of behaving like a militant group.

Shehu said instead of following the party in its activities on national issues, they was behaving similar to a militant group.

The Presidential spokesperson, who stated this while addressing reporters in Abuja, also noted that the victory recorded by the All Progressives Congress, APC, at the National Assembly bye-elections in Katsina, Bauchi and Kogi States over the weekend was an indication of Nigerians acceptance of Buhari which will be replicated in 2019.

Noting that each of the bye-elections was considered to be epic in nature, the Presidential spokesperson said the allegation of bribery for votes and vote-buying was a serious crime and that it was the duty of citizens who have evidence of such acts to report to the appropriate quarters.

He said, “One is to say that bribery of voters or vote-buying is an offence in this country, I think that citizens who have evidence regarding this, have a duty to report to the law enforcement agencies, this is the way to help the country.”

“Secondly I think that it is not the right attitude for a political party, a so-called opposition leader to conduct their affairs like a militant organization, a political party cannot be run like a militant organization, if you have disagreement on the outcome of an election, they know the process and they know it because they abused it before, you can see this is the clear difference of the kind of democracy the APC administration is trying to put in place from what they are used to.”

“Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra, same afternoon he won election, president Buhari said congratulations and well done, we were happy we came second in the elections, that is the way it is.”

“We lost a Senate seat in Osun, we didn’t try to bring down the roof, and this that has happened in Cross River (bye election for state assembly), did you hear Adams Oshiomhole saying he wants to shoot people, I think this is the difference we need.”

“We are happy that we have won and on behalf of the president and the acting president, we like to say thank you to Nigerians who continue to repose their confidence in the leadership of the APC administration.”


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