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Photos of victims of Sunday attack by herdsmen in Imo

The relatives to the victims were captured evacuating one of the deceased.

It should be recalled that it was reported that two persons, were attacked by suspected herdsmen as they were trying to stop the herders from grazing on a cultivated land along the road linking Toronto and Road safety junction in Uratta, Owerri North local government area of Imo state.

While the other person who was also attacked was said to have died as he could not cope up with the degrees of injuries from the said violent attacks.

The incident which took place around 05:15 am, turned into a mayhem after one of the herders got angry, rushed away, returned with a gun and shot one of the boys trying to stop them from grazing on the cultivated land while the victim’s brother was attacked with a matchet leaving him with several cuts.

One of the relatives to the said victims, said: “This is too much how can we be killed in this manner. What wrong have we done to deserve this treatment? People who are supposed to be our brother just because we asked them not to enter into a land that has crops. “Look at what has happened, they killed them. Is it a crime to stop animals from destroying peoples farm.

We see something that is not good and we condemn it but this one is different.” Also, an eyewitness told said that “The land these herdsmen were entering you cannot find grass on it, so what it means is that their intention was to make sure their cattle eat up the plants in that land. This is pure wickedness.”

Some heads of various security agencies in the state have covertly intervened in the matter with a view to ending the looming crises, also with leaders of Hausa community making frantic efforts not to allow the situation escalates.


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