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ISWAP: Launch global coalition against terrorism in West Africa, Amnesty Watch tells UN, US

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London-based group, Global Amnesty Watch, has called on the United Nations as well as United States of America to join forces with Nigeria to confront terrorism in West Africa.

According to the group, terrorism is a global threat that needs proactive measures and the best available way is by launching a global coalition.

The Global Amnesty Watch gave this charge in a press statement signed by John Tom Lever, head African Regional Affairs.

While commending the tremendous exploits of the Nigerian Army, leading the way in the sub-region, the group believes more can be done to totally shut out activities of the Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISWAP).

“The Global Amnesty Watch wishes to acknowledge the efforts of the Nigerian Government in the fight against terrorism in North East Nigeria and the numerous sacrifices of the Nigerian military since 2015.

“The terrorism threat in Nigeria and the West African sub-region is increasing because of links between ISWAP and terrorist groups around the world who have continued to provide the backbone for ISWAP’s operations in Nigeria and indeed the West African sub-region to thrive.

“The resurgence of ISWAP around Lake Chad means continuing conflict for Nigeria and neighboring states, as well as ongoing peril for civilians caught in the crossfire.

“The Global Amnesty Watch believes that the situation in the Lake Chad basin requires urgent intervention from organizations such as the United Nations to join forces with Nigeria to confront the challenge that activities of ISWAP present.

“The Global Amnesty Watch is, therefore of the opinion that the necessary authorities have not given the nefarious activities of ISWAP in Nigeria and the West African sub-region the needed attention in the world.

“The Global Amnesty Watch thinks that the United Nations will be failing in its obligations if it fails to curtail ISWAP which operates mostly around Chad, Niger and Cameroonian borders to threaten the life of the civilian population.

“The world must treat the ISWAP threat as a matter of great importance due to the strategic role of Nigeria in the West African sub-region.

“The United Nations as a matter of urgency must assemble a Coalition of Forces from member countries of the United Nations to join forces with the Nigerian military in curtailing the activities of ISWAP that is threatening the relative peace and tranquility in Nigeria and the West African sub region.

“The Multinational Joint Task Force in the region needs to be strengthened as recent events have shown that ISWAP is still very much around the Lake Chad Basin and without a UN Coalition of Forces, the countries are unlikely to curtail ISWAP fighters at the borders of these countries.

“The Global Amnesty Watch, therefore, emphasizes the need for a Global Coalition against acts of terrorism in the Lake Chad Basin to put an end to the nefarious activities of Boko Haram and ISWAP terrorists.”


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