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Islamic rights group MURIC comment on NBC’s ban of Fals’s song “This Is Nigeria”.

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has said that after unsuccessfully trying to get Falz, a Nigerian singer to take down his viral video “This is Nigeria”, they blind sided him using National Broadcasting Commission (NBC).

In a statement on Monday by MURIC Director Ishaq Akintola, the group stated that they avoided going to court as that might take years to resolve.

“We asked Falz to withdraw the video or we would sue him,” the statement read.

“Instead of showing remorse he dared us. We knew he could delay the court case for years because he is a lawyer and he would use every trick in the books to frustrate us. That was why he was boasting.”

“Therefore, instead of going to court, we decided to ambush him by sending a petition to the video board. This week, the NBC banned the video and others like it.”

“He should be the one to go to court now if he likes. Let him go and show how brilliant he is in court.”

“He and his fans laughed at us when we complained about his provocative and vulgar video. But there is no doubt that he who laughs last laughs best. It is hoped that Nigerian artistes will borrow a leaf from this episode.”

The group commended the NBC saying, “Falz and other artistes should encourage the youth to emulate our heroes instead of pushing them to ape rogues. Finally, we commend NBC and the video censors board for acting swiftly.”


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