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Gombe State Governor Dankwambo says Nigeria should re-negotiate its existence.

Gombo State Governor Ibrahim Dankwambo has said that the country needs to renegotiate the existing structures for fairness and justice.

Addressing members of the PDP in Lagos on Tuesday, said he was contesting the 2019 presidential in order address the socio-economic problems facing the country.

He added that the country was in a fix because of the inability of the leadership to boldly confront imbalance in areas of security, employment and other relevant issues.

“I want to say that from what is happening in the country, there is no doubt that the call for restructuring must stand. The call does not mean breaking away.”

“It is not out of place to sit down and renegotiate because things are almost getting out of hands. There is need for devolution of power, state police, address the financial problem and putting the political structure in place that will assist the country in development.”

Dankwambo said he decided to contest for the highest office of the land after consultation with critical stakeholders, noting that his visit to Lagos was to get the support of the Lagosian people.

He noted that no politician could afford to ignore Lagos because the population which placed it at vantage position in political matters.

“We have done lots of consultation and have made our impact felt through various developmental projects in the country. We are determining to better the lives of our people. ”

Let me formally declare that I am running for the highest office in the land. We have been well prepared to occupy that position. Having worked in Lagos, a place known to drill tested people, I think it is important to seek the support of Lagos people.

“Lagos is very important in the decision that affects the destines of men in the country. I have worked here at the apex bank, I have more friends in Lagos and it had taught me the good, the bad and the ugly.”



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