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Nigeria’s new youth age classification


The Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development on May 24, 2019 launched the Revised National Youth Policy, 2019 with youth stakeholders in Akure, Ondo State. The review which was long overdue – the 2009 Policy states that it should be reviewed periodically (every five years) – was due for

Men Are Not Entitled to Sex

men sex

Men are not entitled to sex by Nneka Acholonu-Egbuna It is scary to be a woman in Abuja. Like me, hundreds of Abuja residents were rudely awakened to the horrors of the brutality meted out to over 100 women in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, from 24-27 April 2019, by law enforcement agencies comprising

Nigeria is not ripe for Artificial Intelligence

Dr Jimson Olufuye, the former President of African Information Communication Technology Alliance (AfICTA) on Monday said Nigeria was not ripe for deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Olufuye told journalists in Abuja, that the AI would require huge investment; as well as stable and functional institutions for the technology to

The gender wage gap is shrinking among computer programmers

Glassdoor has released its latest gender pay gap data analysis. In the U.S., the unadjusted pay gap comes in at 21.4 percent, meaning women make just $0.79 for every $1 men earn. But, when controlling for variables like age, education, location, experience, occupation and industry, the pay gap is 4.9

The use of technology to transform education in Nigeria

Solomon Elusoji Godwin Benson believes so, which is why he co-founded Tuteria, a platform that links students to nearby qualified tutors, to tackle academic apathy. In May 2017, Tuteria, a platform that links students to nearby qualified tutors, won the UK Royal Academy of Engineering’s top prize for