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Bukola Saraki speaks on the possibility of dumping APC

Saraki IGP

The Senate President, Bukola Saraki on Tuesday said he will tell Nigerians when he is ready to leave the All Progressives Congress, APC.

Saraki said this at the Ilorin International airport, in Kwara State.

When asked by reporters what he will do over the pressure by some of his followers to lead them out of the APC, Saraki said they should not ‘worry’ or ‘push’ him over the issue.

He said, “As I said, don’t worry, don’t push me, I will call at a time and I will tell Nigerians”.

Commenting on his trial for alleged false assets declaration, Saraki said, “It’s been a long journey for all my own people in the state, and today we thank the Almighty God for this.”

“I want to thank all of them who did not at any time waver. They believe in my innocence and supported me throughout those three very tough years and it was a great feeling for all of us.”

“It is my first homecoming to thank them for all the support they have given me and the victory and for the fact that the truth prevailed and justice was done.”

“Today is a day for me to visit and more importantly thank the people for the support they have given for years.”

”As I always say time will come for everything, a time will come I will tell people where I am, what I’m doing. For now it is just to thank the people of the state because the last three years have been tough and they are still committed and remain and i have to appreciate that. I appreciate that.”


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